About LibrePCB Fab

This service helps you to quickly and easily get your designed PCB manufactured without worrying about Gerber files etc. Just upload your whole LibrePCB project, and this tool will guide you through the ordering process.


LibrePCB Fab does not process your order directly. Instead, you will be forwarded to a PCB service provider which will then take care of manufacturing, shipping, payment and so on. LibrePCB Fab is just a convenience tool to convert *.lppz files into a format supported by the used PCB manufacturer.

At this time, AISLER is used as PCB service provider. With every order you start with LibrePCB Fab (or direct *.lppz upload), AISLER will make a donation to the LibrePCB project. So by using this service, you directly support the development of LibrePCB and thus help us to continuously improve it!

Privacy Policy

Of course we will not forward your uploaded project file to anyone else than the PCB service provider. In addition, we will automatically delete your uploaded project file from our server at maximum 24 hours after the upload (no matter if the order was finished or not).

For details about how the PCB service provider processes your data, please refer to their privacy policy. LibrePCB maintainers are not responsible for how the service provider processes your data.


If you have any questions or feedback about this service, please don't hesitate to open a thread in our discussion forum.